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About Us

About Us

About Us

Our Simple Beginnings

Just like you, we are simply parents who love and care for our children very much.

We want only the best for them, so we do everything that we could to enhance their development from infancy to toddlerhood. Based on our experiences and many scientific researches, learning is best during the tender years. We believe that early childhood education and right brain training should start at home, lead by the parents.

Guided by the childhood development philosophy of Prof. Makoto Shichida and Dr. Glenn Doman, we understand the importance of using flash cards to boost our children’s development. However, it was difficult for us to find flash cards that fit the right specifications and it was too tedious make our own.

This challenged us to search for the leading providers of tools and toys dedicated to early childhood education. We went from just offering flash cards to selling a wide range of puzzles, board games, building blocks, and art supplies – everything that an infant or toddler needs for a holistic development! 


Right Brain Babies offers extensive collection of learning toys for infants and toddlers are meant to enhance brain capacity, all the while nurturing the bond between parent and child. Choose from our books, puzzles, board games, and activity kits now!


We believe that parents are the best educators, and thus it is important to teach and play with your child at the comfort of your home. Children enjoy the learning process as well as the bonding time with parents.



To provide early educational and development products at your convenience for the joy of learning at the comfort of your home.

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