Glenn Doman versus Makoto Shichida

Now that we understand a little better about our brains, let’s talk about the infant teaching method.

When we talk about infant education, these 2 famous people will come into your mind- Dr Glenn Doman and Prof. Makoto Shichida. Both of them started the infant education about the same time in the 1950s- 1960s, but their doctrinal approach and target audience were different.

Dr. Glenn Doman

Dr. Glenn Doman is a physical therapist by training. Back then, he and Dr. Carl Delacato (an educational psychologist) developed methods to treat brain-injured children.  Their works were derived heavily on the ideas of this neurophysiologist Temple Fay.  It was later on in 1964 that they published books for parents of normal children on topics such as reading, math, intelligence and swimming. Dr. Glenn Doman’s belief is that “If the neurological development of brain- injured children could be speeded, why not the normal children as well?”

Makoto Shichida

Prof. Makoto Shichida, on the other hand, had a doctorate in education. He made many contributions of brain research and learning achievements. He had over 40 years of research and more than 20 years of successful practice. It was his research in education that leads to our switched mindset in understanding children, their brain capabilities and learning styles. He concluded that children are born with unique qualities that are innate and easy to develop with proper training and parental guidance.

Prof Makoto Shichida commented that from age 0- 3 years old, the right brain works dominantly. This is the period whereby baby is absorbing information fast and is extremely eager to learn. It is important to believe in your child’s potential by loving him/ her and nurturing him/ her. MOST IMPORTANTLY, he emphasized the importance of parent- child bonding and how this will affect the quality of brain stimulation.

Personal view

At the end of the day, both programs are geared towards brain stimulation and development. I prefer Prof. Shichida’s approach in teaching your children through love and nurture, after all Dr. Glenn Doman’s program was initially designed for brain- injured children.  I also agree with Dr Glenn Doman that parents are the best educators. It is not about what and how many enrichment classes you send your child to, but the love and affection that you show to your child daily.

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