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1. What are flashcards?

Flashcards are cards with words or pictures printed on it, and you flash them at a fast speed (about 1 sec or less per card). Because these cards flashed so fast, therefore, they are called flashcards.

2. How do these flashcards benefit my baby?

There have been many successful examples out there. These cards are able to improve the minds of brain-injured babies/ toddlers as mentioned in Dr. Glenn Doman’s book “ How to teach your baby to read?” Prof. Makoto Shichida has also many proven examples of successful babies being able to read and understand words at very young age!

Basically babies are born with some memory in them and they can remember things. Their brains are also able to receive and store information at amazing speed. Thus, when you flash these cards to your baby, he/ she knows and may even point out the right answer to you!

On a personal note, I was initially skeptical whether these flashcards really work. But after teaching him faithfully for months (since newborn), I couldn’t wait but tested him to see if he knows. And he did! He was able to pick up the correct answer. I am convinced that the flashcards really works!

3. How does the math dot cards work?

Babies do not understand Arabic numbers, but they learn by quantities. These math dots are designed to let babies recognize or learn numbering through quantities. Symbols such as “+”, “-“, “×”, “÷” are included in the set. You may teach your baby/ toddler different equations with dot quantities. Once your baby understands the concept of math better, you may want to teach your baby math in Arabic numbers.

4. How are your flashcards different from those in the retail shops?

These flashcards are made based on the teaching methods of the 2 famous infant educators – Prof. Makoto Shichida and Dr. Glenn Doman. These cards are thick which makes flashing easier. Babies are short- sighted at birth. Thus, these cards are carefully designed for infants with bright colors and large words or characters.

5. Why can’t you deliver my flashcards via registered mail?

We could, but you will have to incur a higher cost. Singapore post charges by weight, thus you are looking at least $15- 20 for delivery charges. Besides, we would like to build a relationship with my customers by delivering the products personally. For non- flashcards items, I will try to deliver them myself unless the venue is too far.

6. Do you deliver overseas?

Yes we do. Please send me an email to  for the best shipment charges.

7. Why do I need to use these flashcards when I can use e-flashcards?

A baby’s eyesight will only fully mature at about 8 years old. Children’s visions between 0- 3 years old are in an unstable period as they are undergoing visual development. The light emitting from the computer screen is an unstable flickering light, which may cause harm to baby’s visual development during this stage. Moreover, this flashcards serve as a bonding and interactive game between parents and baby, and not meant to a one-directional mechanical input.

10. How much in order to entitle with the free delivery locally in Singapore?

Free delivery is available for purchases above SGD100, otherwise a flat rate of $10 delivery charge applies. Postage delivery is available. Please write to for the exact postage charge.